The AugmentAsian ToolBook elevates Asian Pacific American (APA) professionals with leading-edge insights and practical tools that readers can leverage immediately. Geared toward APAs who actively seek career, leadership, and professional development, the contents of the ToolBook feature fresh approaches to workplace challenges that APAs commonly face. Furthermore, the ToolBook helps APAs augment the organizations that support our careers—a truly synergistic relationship.

Strategies and Tools for Asian Pacific American (APA) Professional & Leadership Success

The Asian Pacific American (APA) population represents one of the fastest-growing in the United States and contributes to the nation’s rich fabric through areas such as culture, innovation, and professional productivity. APAs actually represent dozens of ethnicities, so we encompass both a larger collective and specific communities within the whole.

When we look at the leadership of our nation, we clearly see a disparity between APAs’ contributions and their roles in these leadership positions.

This ToolBook will catalyze change toward bridging that disconnect and empowering APA professionals. It also serves as a valuable resource for the champions who support APAs’ careers, growth, and overall success. APAs can elevate their professional and leadership development by utilizing the AugmentAsian ToolBook, and champions who support APAs can leverage these tools to boost inclusiveness, success, and productivity. We are better together, so let’s collaborate and thrive together.

Praise for the AugmentAsian ToolBook

“Easy to read and easy to apply – AugmentAsian exposes misconceptions an “The workforce is all about attracting, developing, and retaining people. Without these skills, leaders and companies fail. This book provides leaders with the insight and the skills to outperform their competitors in all three areas. It also provides a roadmap for those wanting to elevate to management levels. A must-read for everyone in the workplace. PS. Learn more about Elevate to accelerate your career.”

Larry Harrington

Vice President of Internal Audit (Retired)
The Raytheon Company ​

“This book is filled with a unique combination of solid research, practical tools, and storytelling case studies. The world needs this book and more like it for any and all minorities trying to make it to the upper echelons of corporate America .”

Allen Ericson

President, Community Hospital Division
President, St. Joseph’s Hospital Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin​

“AugmentAsian is straightforward, easy to follow, and even easier to grasp. If you’re searching for a pathway to upward mobility, start with this.”

Bill Imada

Chairman and Chief Connectivity Officer
IW Group Inc.

“There is a uniqueness to everyone’s approach to life and work; understanding and communicating your strengths is key to advancing in the workplace. AugmentAsian is the guide you need to succeed.”

Ondra Berry

Senior Vice President
MGM Resorts International

“Easy to read and easy to apply –AugmentAsian exposes misconceptions and illustrates how to leverage cultural differences to the benefit of individuals and companies alike.”

Gene Fraser

Vice President Programs, Quality & Engineering
Northrop Grumman Company