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AsianUpward expands the leadership possibilities of Asian Pacific American (APA) professionals and the organizations that champion us–for the mutual, synergistic benefit of all stakeholders.

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Hours of Culturally Crafted TrailBlaze Tools™ for Asian Pacific Americans

The content is dedicated and designed for APAs, including AsianUpward’s research-based methodologies that integrate APA cultural strengths and hybridize leadership styles of “East meets West.

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Executive-Level APA Book

The ElevAsian ToolBook leads the way as the premiere book for executive-level APAs to advance and elevate our careers and leadership. Culturally crafted for APAs at these senior levels, the publication features unique insights and TrailBlaze Tools™ for sophisticated and savvy leaders.

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APA-Recognized Program by the Highest-ranking Public APA

Recognized by United States Vice President Kamala Harris, AsianUpward’s leadership programs stand out with innovation and practical effectiveness.

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Asian360 Study

The Asian360 study measures how Asian Pacific Americans (APAs) compare to other ethnic Americans regarding the key characteristics and will ultimately help APA professionals and the organizations that employ them.

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Joint Services Summit for the US Department of Defense & Uniformed + Civilian Leadership Summit

With recognition from the highest-ranking APA U.S. leader, Vice President Kamala Harris, as well as some of the highest-ranking APA Congressional, military, and civilian leaders in the Defense Industry (among other industries), this public-private sector collaboration convenes those who serve to protect our freedom and security.

(Asian Pacific American Leadership, Learning for Strategy, Talent Advancement, and Reimagining Success)

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Book Leveraging APA Strengths with Research & Science-Based Tools

The AugmentAsian ToolBook elevates Asian Pacific American (APA) professionals with leading-edge insights and practical tools that readers can leverage immediately. Geared toward APAs who actively seek career, leadership, and professional development, the contents of the ToolBook feature fresh approaches to workplace challenges that APAs commonly face. Furthermore, the ToolBook helps APAs augment the organizations that support our careers—a truly synergistic relationship.

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Talent Strategy Tailored for Asian Pacific Americans

The premier and pioneering ATLAS features the first shared Asian Pacific American (APA) talent strategy that your organization can customize. Tailored toward APA talent that leverages APA strengths and targets this group’s growth opportunities, the ATLAS breaks ground with a dedicated suite of solutions designed to drive APA and broader organizational success!


Books on Asian Pacific American Leadership

Unique and pioneering, AsianUpward features signature ToolBooks that build upon APA strengths as a competitive advantage that supports organizations who champion us. With research and science-based TrailBlaze Tools, these books provide visual systems with sophisticated-made-simple solutions to develop APA talent and leverage our distinctive capabilities for stakeholder success.

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Years in Business

Multiply this with multiple faculty and staff experienced in APA leadership development.

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Hundreds of Clients and Partners Served

Over two decades of servicing APA leaders and professionals, so you benefit from our extensive experience.


The three letters: Y-O-U

We listen carefully to you to assess mutual fit as a partner. Only from there do we customize, curate, or even create solutions. 

Culturally Crafted Solutions for
Asian Pacific American (APA)

The New ElevAsian ToolBook

ElevAsian: Your Executive ATLAS (AsianUpward Talent & Leadership Advancement Strategy) augments AsianUpward’s leadership programs and curricula. Designed as a ToolBook, ElevAsian aligns with our mission to expand leadership possibilities for Asian Pacific American (APA) Professionals and the organizations that champion us!

Challenges APAs Face

Almost half

According to workforce diversity data collected by USA TODAY from S&P 100 companies, Asian representation drops by almost half from the professional to executive rank.

Only 6% vs. 13%

APAs account for 13% of professional positions at large employers, but only 6% of senior management positions

Half as likely

Asian women are half as likely as white women to hold executive roles, according to a USA TODAY analysis. The disparity is on par with statistics for Black women and Latinas.

Only 16% and 23%

APA men and APA women, respectively, feel included at work (compared to 30% across all geographies and industries)— the least included of any major ethnic group

In 2021, the number of Asian directors in
the Fortune 100


is held by 3 or more APA directors


is held by at least 2 APA directors


is held by at least 1 APA director


did not have any APA director


Studies show that organizations with inclusive and
diverse talent outperform in the following areas:

PEOPLE: Dedicated, Engaged, & Fact-Focused

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Boost in

+ 0 %

Increase in job

+ 0 %


+ 0 %

Boost in Ability to Correctly Price Stocks and Focus on Facts

PROFITS: Driven to Bottom-Line Return

+ 0 %

Financial Returns
(Above the Industry Mean with
Ethnically Diverse Companies)

+ 0 %

Financial Returns (Above the
Industry Mean with Top-Quartile
Gender Diverse Companies)

+ 0 %

Outperformance (of Large Companies with at Least One Female Board Member as Compared with their Industry Peers)

+ 0 x

More likely to report
significant stock price
increases over the past year

+ 0 x

More likely to report average
revenue growth of over 15%
for the past three years

PRODUCTIVITY: Cognitive Diversity
& Market Advantage Innovation

+ 0 %

Increased Success
in New Markets

+ 0 %

More Market

0 x

Sales for Most-Diverse vs.
Least-Diverse Companies

1.3- 0 x

Higher Patent Citations for
Mixed-Gender Teams than
Single-Gender Teams

+ 0 %

More Sales for Every 1%
Increase in Corporate
Ethnic Populations


Filling Critical Shortages 

1 in 5 physicians and surgeons are APAs. This is a large number, considering APAs make up approximately 6% of the U.S. population. We fill critical healthcare needs

Highest Education and Skill-Levels

More than half of APAs aged 25 or more held at least a bachelor’s degree in 2017, compared to 31% of the U.S. population in general

Entrepreneurial Excellence

5.1 million workers in the United States, with 3.5 million working at an Asian immigrant-owned business—that’s the number employed by APA business owners

According to economists, the 21st Century continues to see Asia’s growth, which has been called “The Asian Century.” The rapidly growing APA population, as well as our counterparts outside of Asia and in other continents, reflects this growth as well. APAs can lead as cultural ambassadors and bridges to help organizations connect and synergize with Asia, from business and product development to innovation and collaboration.

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