The AsianUpward ToolBook elevates Asian Pacific American (APA) professionals with leading-edge insights and practical tools that readers can leverage immediately. Geared toward APAs who actively seek career, leadership, and professional development, the contents of the ToolBook feature fresh approaches to workplace challenges that APAs commonly face.


This pioneering ToolBook presents:
Signature TrailBlaze Tools™:
Practical and visually striking, these Tools act as mental models that will advance your professional position.
Straightforward, Navigable Sections:
Users of the ToolBook will find that it follows an approach that adheres to a view of “sophisticated strategies
made simple.” The format within each Tool details key challenges and step-by-step strategies for APA professionals to leverage.
Success Strategies by Accomplished APA Leaders:
Throughout the ToolBook, you will discover brief success practices by leading APA executives, as well as champions that stand by APAs.
Insights as Research Meets Wisdoms:
The ToolBook compresses both research-based and wisdom-based perspectives into bite-sized, digestible nuggets.


Contents of the ToolBook include:

  • Research on the continued challenges APAs endure, and opportunities that become available when we unlock APA professional potential
  • Cultural understanding and creation tactics tailored toward APAs that lead to career and leadership success
  • Tactics on how to build the cornerstones of credibility and leverage social capital
  • Insights on how to improve interpersonal dynamics and influence skills

Elevate yourself. Be the upward Asian. Read AsianUpward.

Praise for AsianUpward

“Easily understood, this book provides invaluable knowledge and tools for enabling motivated career -minded individuals to improve their opportunities to ascend the corporate ladder. I wish it was available early in my career path. Who knows how much faster I would have climbed the corporate ladder using this. ”

- Harry Lee | Vice President, Corporate Contracts, Pricing and Supply Chain (Retired) | Northrop Grumman Corporation

“Strong people skills and organizational savvy are required to maximize your organizational impact and career success. Asian professionals often start this skill building too late, and can accelerate their organizational skill development through the tools in this book. ”

- Dennis Hirotsu | Vice President of Research & Development | Proctor & Gamble Executive Advisor | Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE)

“AsianUpward contains career skills that I wish I had at the outset of my career. You will learn how to recognize team dynamics and how to be ambidextrous in your skills. These are critical to your career success. ”

- Patrick “Pat” Tang | Hardware Engineering Vice President | Amazon lab126

“Finally! A book that provides how -tos rather than just what -tos. Asian Americans have the education and the ability; what is needed are practical ways of improving their visibility and giving them a voice in the C -suite. ”

- Young Bang | Vice President | Booz Allen Hamilton

“Our past is not holding us back—we are holding it. Perhaps it is time to let go and move forward with the practical strategies in the pioneering AsianUpward book. ”

- Emanuel Brady | Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer | The Raytheon Company

“This book gives abundant, practical findings and insights with emphasis on how Asian Americans can use the skills they already possess to rise into management positions. ”

- Khanh Vu | Executive Director | Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE)

“AsianUpward is the go-to source for self-empowerment, transformation of cultural perceptions, and achieving your dreams! ”

- Elizabeth Yang | National President | National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP)

“AsianUpward distills the essential fundamentals for Asian Americans in the workplace and provides a roadmap to navigate the challenges on your path to the C -suite. Do not just read this book, memorize it. ”

- Thear S. Suzuki | Advisory Managing Partner, Southwest Region | Ernst & Young

“AsianUpward should be your first stop for career progression guidance.”

- Wil Lewis | Diversity & Inclusion Client Executive | Bank of America

“From time to time, you get the opportunity to make the leap from where you are today to where you dream of being. AsianUpward is that opportunity, and that time is now. ”

- Tami Bui | Associate Vice President | California State University —Fullerton

How to Acquire a Copy

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