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The AsianUpward Discovery &  Development Sessions (ADDS) truly add significant value for your APAs and allies as leadership development. The ADDS furnish your APA professionals and allies with unique and live, experiential leadership learning, led by the AsianUpward faculty. Featuring the AsianUpward signature TrailBlaze Tools™–built from the ground up for APAs. As with other AsianUpward leadership sessions, these provide practical tools that attendees can apply immediately and stem from cross-industry collaborations with AsianUpward’s many corporate, government, and non-profit partners

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The AsianUpward Allyship Program develops allies for Asian Pacific American (APA) professionals by focusing on mutual benefit for APAs and allies. The mutual value includes: performance excellence, mental growth, positive collaboration, and actionable insights. The program stands out uniquely in the following ways:

  • APA Centered. All of this centers around APA culture, history, workplace, and marketplace topics. This tailored allyship program unlocks the potential of APA professionals and allies alike.
  • Integrates the AugmentAsian ToolBook. The program threads through the Cultural Fluidity Model and other APA-tailored Tools, which are all part of the AugmentAsian ToolBook and other AsianUpward practical Tools.
  • Features the AsianUpward Manifesto. This manifesto takes a strengths-based, synergistic approach, which leverages the strengths of APA professionals and their allies.

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The Asian Leadership Longitudinal
(ALL) Research

The groundbreaking AsianUpward Longitudinal Leadership (ALL) Research features actionable, longitudinal research on Asian Pacifica American (APA) leaders and professionals. Rather than a single, standalone survey, the ALL Research measures results over time and with multiple questionnaires per cohort per year. This pioneering methodology provides continuous snapshots and trends that will provide data on larger trends and subtle, behavioral nuances. Annual and ongoing reports furnish key stakeholders with practical actions and opportunities.

What makes the ALL Research unique and of value?

  • Longitudinal: Data is gathered continuously, over time, rather than once.
  • Multiple Pulses: Participants fill out questionnaires several times per year and in cohorts.
  • Actionable: Practical recommendations provide users with actionable data.
  • Benchmarked: Comparative data benchmarks result against a broader data.
  • Behaviors & Connections: The methodology centers both individual and group behaviors, as well as connections and relationships over time, rather than showcasing participant headcount on a single survey. This approach deep dives into the nuances of APA behaviors and relationships.

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Ever wonder what your Asian ERGs’ dollar-based Return-on-Investment is? This offering measure that with both customized and proven metrics through the Asian ERG ROI Research Report. This will demonstrate the value of your Asian ERG to your organization, including its leadership while motivating your ERG leaders and members further as you demonstrate that you are invested in their continued successes. You can consider sharing the ROI numbers to attract and retain talent and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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